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Hand-selected and slowly smoked, our bacon stands out from the rest of the pack. It delivers a rich, authentic taste that every bacon lover will want to bring home.

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Breakfast Sausage

Take your mornings from good to great. Pair up our fresh sausage with eggs or pancakes to elevate your breakfast to the next level.

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Specialty Cuts

Cubed, diced and sliced for every occasion. Choose from a wide variety of specialty cuts to fit all your breakfast, salad, and on-dish recipes.

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Lunch Meat

Never wait in line at a deli again. Turn your kitchen into a sandwich shop with our wide variety of deli-style lunchmeats.

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Smoked Boneless Ham

Convenience has never tasted better. If you want your slices fast and flavorful, Farmland’s fully cooked bacon can be sizzled to perfection in seconds.

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